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Beta "Tester" - Testimonials

Our Inverted Market Validation

We conducted an unconventional market study, considering that building the product was initially by far too costly for us. However, our aim was to validate customer interest by highlighting their pain points. While we were aware of our product's potential to reduce electricity consumption by up to 98%, we wanted customers to understand its significance. To achieve this, we provided 20 individuals with electricity meters to monitor their mobile air conditioner usage. This visualised the extent of their energy consumption.


Next, we collected and analysed the data from these customers. We then presented them with precise information on their electricity usage and associated costs variating between 50€ and 150€ per month! This revelation left them surprised and concerned about their substantial energy use and especially about money wasted on electricity.


Consequently, many expressed a keen interest in pre-ordering our product. Some beta customers were so impressed that they even offered to invest in our product's development or covered the unit cost of the electricity meter.

This innovative market validation approach effectively revealed the tangible pain points of potential customers, generating significant interest and even financial support for our product development.

Our Test-Customers Say

Abdullah Tariq.jpeg
"I always thought of Air Conditioning as a luxury but I really depended on it this year. I would be delighted if I can just cool my flat down to ambient temperature without feeling like I am wasting my money on excessively high electricity bills. I will be happy to support this start-up idea to get it market ready!"

Director of Public Relations at Tariq Law Firm for intellectual Property, Dubai, UAE

Maggy Molitor, Luxembourg

I had no idea my air conditioner used so much electricity! I'm in for your product, keep me posted.

Maria Oliva, Luxembourg

Seeing the potential savings in my electricity bills really got me! I trust TerraBreeze with my investment! I need it ready for next summer!

Szymon Baca, Vienna, Austria

Your electricity meter really opened my eyes. I'm stunned by how much I am paying every month just for being able to sleep at night. I can't wait to have cut this electricity bills.
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