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Social Cooling SARL-S / TerraBreeze OG


Social Cooling SARL-S
TerraBreeze OG

Social Cooling and TerraBreeze focus on the development and the distribution of a sustainable Air Conditioning System.


The Website is directed to inform about the latest developments of Social Cooling, as well as serve as a base for the commercialisation of the final product and related products and services.
Social Cooling constantly checks the information on this website. No guarantee can be given that the content is correct or up-to-date. There is also no claim to completeness.

The information contained on this website merely provides brief information on the product and its development, as well as related topics.

Please contact the Social Cooling Team for any kind of collaborations or further detailed information. 

Social Cooling is not liable for damages resulting from incorrect or incomplete content or from actions taken in reliance on the accuracy and completeness of the content.

Texts, in particular slogans, on this homepage are protected by copyright and require the express authorisation of Social Cooling for further use by third parties.

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