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Green Roofs

"It's time to shift our mindset towards consumer goods. Comfort and sustainability can go hand in hand, without compromise! Let's make a real impact, together!"

Empowering Real Change

Social Cooling: Redefining Cooling

Traditional Air Conditioning: A bigger polluter than planes!

Air conditioning consumes 20% of building electricity worldwide (IEA 2018) and pumps out 4% of greenhouse gases. That's more CO2 than all planes combined, which only emit 2.5% of global greenhouse gases.

Citrus Fruits
Dry Dead Trees

Deadly heat waves

Due to the occuring heat waves there have been 61000 deaths in Europe in 2022. 

A burden for the most vulnerable

The most affected by heat are the most vulnerable—those with fragile health conditions and those lacking access to affordable cooling, a basic necessity.

Coffee Time
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