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The Team

Philippe Schmit

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Philippe Schmit, our visionary Founder and CEO, brings a rich knowledge of global legal expertise and a passionate commitment to sustainability and human rights to Social Cooling. His leadership is characterized by a strategic focus on advancing eco-friendly cooling solutions, leveraging his extensive background in legal matters related to data protection, e-commerce, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Philippe's drive for innovation and his ability to navigate the complexities of technology development and business growth are instrumental in propelling our mission forward.

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Milan Demko

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Milan Demko, our esteemed Chief Technology Officer, brings over a decade of engineering brilliance to Social Cooling. With an extensive background in leading cross-functional teams and spearheading innovative solutions, Milan has been pivotal in transforming complex processes into streamlined, cost-effective outcomes. His tenure at notable organizations like IAEA Vienna and Alstom S.A. has enriched his expertise in system dynamics, project management, and business intelligence, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Milan's forward-thinking approach and dedication to innovation are instrumental in driving the technological advancements of our eco-friendly cooling solutions.

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Ben Assa

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ben Assa, as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO), embodies a dynamic blend of entrepreneurial spirit and deep technical expertise. With a unique background that marries quantum physics with atmospheric physics, Ben has proven himself as a forward-thinking innovator. His entrepreneurial journey, marked by co-founding ventures like SmartCart and SunFools, showcases his knack for turning complex scientific concepts into practical, market-ready solutions. Ben's passion for sustainable technology and his ability to lead through innovation are central to driving our mission at Social Cooling towards eco-friendly cooling solutions.

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