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TerraBreeze is an innovative, energy-efficient air conditioning system designed to reduce electricity consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional cooling systems. Its plug-and-play functionality allows for effortless installation without the need for an outdoor unit or exhaust hose, making it a convenient option for any household. This patented technology offers efficiency, affordability, and sustainability. 

Terracool Prototype No hose and humidity.jpg

Our Story

Knowledge Meets Curiosity

Driven by the urgent need to combat climate change and the excessive energy consumption of conventional cooling systems, the founders's motivation lies in offering an accessible, sustainable alternative that aligns with the growing global demand for environmentally responsible products., without compromising anybody's comfort.


Social Cooling embarked on its journey with TerraBreeze, a revolutionary venture born from the vision of creating an eco-friendly cooling solution, sparked by the founder's ideation and validation by external engineers in Q3 2023. 


The company's path was marked by milestones such as securing initial public funding, establishing key partnerships, and gaining recognition through awards and nominations, notably at the Wolves Summit in Vienna and the Web Summit in Lisbon. The product was nominated by the Web Summit 2023 for the EarthShot Prize 2024.


TerraBreeze's innovative design, which significantly reduces electricity consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional models, addresses the global challenge of indoor cooling with a sustainable and user-friendly approach. The team's passion for innovation and sustainability fuels their commitment to developing TerraBreeze, aiming to reshape the cooling industry and contribute positively to the planet's health and future generations' well-being.

TerraBreeze - Refreshing Comfort with Purpose

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